• CEO Greetings
CEO Greetings     Hwachang promises the worthiness
Hello everyone,

Thank you for visiting Hwachang’s official website.
Hwachang known as the representative company in Korea specialize in selling local Korean ginseng product.

Since the establishment of our company in 1987, we are aiming to become the largest ginseng
shopping center in Korea through constantly providing reliable high quality product,
continuous quality improvement and new product development.

As the best shopping facility in Korea, we are equipped with finest interior and exterior design.
In order to provide the best shopping environment and pleasant shopping experience
for visitors from different countries.
Visitors are able to communicate comfortably with our sales representative
without any language barrier.

The continuous growth of Hwachang is a result of unstinting support and effort from
fellow visitors and partners, which we are now taking the lead in social
contribution activities for local communities and neighbors.

Thank you.
HWACHANG CO.LTD CEO : Choi Ae-Young E-mail : hc@hwacg.com Business Hour : 08:30 ~ 17:00
Seoul Head Office : Yeonhui-Ro 212, Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul (Yeonhui-Dong) TEL : 02-337-3981 FAX : 02-338-7822
Busan Branch : Sinseon-Ro 233, Nam-Gu, Gwangyeok-Si, Busan (Yondang-Dong) TEL : 051-611-3755 FAX : 051-611-3756