• Company Introduction
Company Introduction     Hwachang promises the worthiness

Hwachang Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hansong Ginseng, has been established for over 30 years.
We hold the expertise and pride as the best local product enterprise in the country.
We have a lot of tourist groups and free travelers visiting us especially from China and Southeast Asia,
and have been receiving favorable reviews for a long time.

Hwachang sells various kind of authentic best quality Heaven, Earth and Good’s ginseng, taekuk ginseng,
capsule, honeyed ginseng, ginseng powder, ginseng extract, etc.
and ginseng related product as our goal is to enhance ones’ health and happiness.

In Hwachang, sales representatives who can communicate fluently in Mandarin, Cantonese, English,
Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, etc. are available. We are equipped with finest interior
and convenient customer facilities in order to provide the best shopping environment
and experience to our visitors.

Hwachang promises to provide satisfying best customer service and implementing reliable product,
honest sales policy as well as visitors satisfying service policy. Hwachang is a developing,
challenging and growing company that perform the role as a non-governmental diplomacy that
introduce the excellence of Republic of Korea and Korean ginseng to foreign and local visitors.

Every year, through our record breaking sales growth and while receiving expectation from
both domestically and internationally, Hwachang act as a social enterprise that not only practices
community development contribution but also in social welfare enhancement and sharing.

Hwachang offer best customer service to all visitors and make sure that travelers from overseas
are able to experience the “soul” of Korean through comfortable and pleasant shopping environment
and best quality Korean ginseng product during their trip in Korea. We promise the value of Hwachang by
providing trustworthy and best service in the industry to our travel agencies.

HWACHANG CO.LTD CEO : Choi Ae-Young E-mail : hc@hwacg.com Business Hour : 08:30 ~ 17:00
Seoul Head Office : Yeonhui-Ro 212, Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul (Yeonhui-Dong) TEL : 02-337-3981 FAX : 02-338-7822
Busan Branch : Sinseon-Ro 233, Nam-Gu, Gwangyeok-Si, Busan (Yondang-Dong) TEL : 051-611-3755 FAX : 051-611-3756