• Nonghyup Hansamin
Nonghyup Hansamin     Hwachang promises the worthiness
100%made in Korea
High quality 6 year old Ginseng
Hansamin Ginseng contains large amount of Saponin

6 year old Korean Red Ginseng contain a total of 32 kinds of Saponins (Ginsenosides)
Comparing the number saponin with ginseng in other countries, Japonicus (Japanese Ginseng) 8 kinds, Notoginseng
(Chinese Ginseng) 15 kinds, Panax Quinquefolius L. (American Ginseng) 14 kinds. From the example, it can be seen as a fact
that Korean Ginseng has excellent function compare to others
100% Korean Ginseng

Compare with Japanese ginseng (8 kinds),
Chinese Notoginseng (15 kinds),
American Ginseng (14 kinds), Korean Red
Ginseng has 32 kinds of Saponins which
known as the highest quality
ginseng in the world
Excellent quality 6 year old ginseng

Excellent quality 6 year old ginseng
6 year old Korean ginseng is
consider as the best quality ginseng
History and technology

Know-how that only studied red ginseng
As low as 85℃ for 36 hours It was
Low temperature It was melted by extraction method.
Strict Production Control
Optimal Plantation Selection

Nonghyup Hansamin is a subsidiary company established by the National Federation of
Nonghyup Cooperative Federation, the largest agricultural cooperative organization in Korea,
consisting of about 2.4 million union members and more than 1,300 members

At Nonghyup Hansamin, Together with the ginseng farmers, red ginseng is manufactured
through latest facilities and processing technique in order to satisfy world’s preference.
In order to produce high quality ginseng product, the geographical features, climate,
soil conditions, etc. of the designated area for cultivation are considered before selection

Expert’s Production Advice

We enforce various maintenances on our designated cultivation field such as deep plowing,
nutrition management, organic fertilizer usage, soil disinfection, etc.
in order to make the soil appropriate for ginseng cultivation

Deep Plowing
Pest control and
productivity improvement
Nutrition Management
Manage with expertise
Organic Fertilizer Usage
increase the organic
matter content in soil
Soil Disinfection
Disease prevention
Pre-investigation Before Purchase

Person in charge will enforce pre-investigation on the quality level, harvest size estimation,
pesticide residue examination, etc. of the targeted ginseng field before purchase.
Next, the targeted ginseng field is ready to purchase after thorough consideration on the
essential particular of purchase such as selection of the purchase target, standard criteria,
price, etc. that will be made by the purchase committee
Purchase of Ginseng

The raw materials are purchased with rigorous procedure and categorized according to the
proper product usage and through production and manufacturing the best ginseng products
are produced
Advanced GMP Processing Facilities
A Combination of Traditional Production Methods, Knowhow and Modern Facilities
The products manufactured using the advanced GMP processing facilities are reliable

GMP is a process certification system intended to ensure strict management
across the production, packaging and shipment procedures.
Since the completion of the GMP plant in 2009,
Hansamin acquired its GMP certification in March 2010

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