• Gift Shop Introduction
Gift Shop Introduction     Hwachang promises the worthiness
Gift Shop
There are ginseng related products and souvenirs available at our gift shop.
The spacious stores with finest interior able to accommodate a big group of visitors.

Ginseng and red ginseng pouches, all sort of Korean ginseng product,
various kind of ginseng related food ingredients and snacks, beauty products, processed ginseng beverages and other merchandize are available.
We have prepared a pleasure shopping environment for everyone to have an enjoyable and satisfying shopping experience

HWACHANG CO.LTD CEO : Choi Ae-Young E-mail : hc@hwacg.com Business Hour : 08:30 ~ 17:00
Seoul Head Office : Yeonhui-Ro 212, Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul (Yeonhui-Dong) TEL : 02-337-3981 FAX : 02-338-7822
Busan Branch : Sinseon-Ro 233, Nam-Gu, Gwangyeok-Si, Busan (Yondang-Dong) TEL : 051-611-3755 FAX : 051-611-3756