• Korean Ginseng Introduction
Korean Ginseng Introduction     Hwachang promises the worthiness
Korean Ginseng’s Cultivation Process
Field preparation and sowing preparation
Ginseng is a kind of plant that should be planted in well-shaded site.
Therefore it is very important to choose a field or house area that surrounded by
trees for better ginseng growing.

Otherwise, the field chosen has to be covered with shade net to create the
well shaded side with good drainage and high humidity. During spring time,
1 year old ginseng with a lot of soil sticking around the tails that can be found
in the market for cooking, to be used as seedling. Or, even a cheaper ginseng
seedling are being used. The ginseng has to be planted with 20cm gap
between each root on site.

Ginseng has to be planted for at least more than 4 years once it’s planted. Therefore, a perfect site has to be chosen in order to grow well. In other word, the site is easier to manage if it is under the shades of tree as the grass seed will not sprout.
Harvest Time
The ginseng that is artificially cultivated in the field usually harvested after 3 years,
and sometimes in the sixth year. Without the use of compost and fertilizer,
the growth of ginseng is slower. If it wants to retain the medical value,
it has to be harvested after 10 years. The most proper time to harvest
ginseng is between September to November after the leaves fall.
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