• Types of Ginseng
Types of Ginseng     Hwachang promises the worthiness
Types of ginseng
Fresh Ginseng
Fresh ginseng is the ginseng freshly picked from
the field and contains approximately 70% of moisture.
It is the primary ingredient of all manufacturing process.
Generally, fresh ginseng is divided into two groups,
which is 3~4 year old and 5~6 year old ginseng
White Ginseng
White ginseng is sun-dried, where the thin layer of the skin of 4~6 year old ginseng
is peeled and dried under direct sunlight. With this technological manufacturing process,
the water content of ginseng can be reduced to 14% while maintaining its original form
without any damages. Unlike red ginseng, white ginseng is naturally air-dried in the sun
without going through any special manufacturing process.
It is divided into half-curved shape.
Red Ginseng
For long-term storage purpose, red ginseng is steamed with high temperature and dried.
Through the steaming and drying process, the water content is reduced to 14% and
the color became lemon or yellowish brown. Due to its hardened structure,
red ginseng can be stored for a long period of time without any deformation.
Taekuk Ginseng
Taekuk ginseng is made by fresh ginseng process through heating at 75-90’c with
jacketed kettle for 20-25minute and then dried. The color become light yellow
or light brown. Taekuk ginseng is rich with Saponin content and has
excellent quality as the skin is not removed. It is a processed ginseng product
that maintains the original shapes of Korean ginseng and can be considered
as the intermediate product of red ginseng and white ginseng with its straight shape.
Black Ginseng
Black ginseng is made with ginseng that turn black in color while went through
nine times of steaming and drying process repeatedly.
Through the steaming and drying process, various enzyme became inactivate
and autophagic will not occurs. The quality safety of black ginseng is excellent
and the component does not change even after long storage.
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