• Ginseng Product Consumption Method
Ginseng Product Consumption Method     Hwachang promises the worthiness
Product Consumption Method
Korean Ginseng Extract
Ginseng extract can be diluted with hot water and served
Korean Ginseng Powder
It’s recommended to take 3 times a day (about 1 spoon) using the spoon provided
and dilute with warm or cold water, honey and other sweeteners can be mixed
according to preference. It matches well with various kind of food especially
Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) and all kind of soup dishes, even for stir-fry dishes,
the rich flavor and aroma of Korean ginseng can be tasted.
For children, take half of the adult intake.

Ginseng Extract Capsule
Ginseng extract capsule filled with certain amount of ginseng extract in a soft capsule.
It can be consumed easily and conveniently by swallowing 1~4 capsule at once with
sufficient water. It’s recommended to take twice a day, about 30 minutes after meal.
The efficacy of ginseng extract is the same either by consuming the liquid directly
or by serving it with water.

Korean Taekuk Ginseng
It’s recommended to use for tea making or medicinal herbs decocting by boiling the Korean
taekuk ginseng in a kettle or boiling pot and drink it. It’s even better by adding in jujube,
ginger, etc, Korean taekuk ginseng may also be preserved with alcohol according to preference.
For teenagers, take half of the adult intake and 1/4 of the adult intake for children.

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